The London Trauma Conference and Cardiac Arrest Symposium will return

Tuesday 6th - Friday 9th December 2022


The London Cardiac Arrest Symposium 2022

The programme will be announced in the coming months.

View the 2019 LCAS Programme below:

Tuesday 10th December 2019 Cardiac Arrest Symposium

- brought to you in association with ZOLL

This symposium gathers international experts and provides comprehensive coverage of topical and controversial areas related to cardiac arrest. It will be of interest to a broad range of clinicians who know the basics but want highlevel knowledge and interaction with experts who are at the cutting edge of current practice and research.

The London Cardiac Arrest Symposium will explore key areas of cardiac arrest management at a high level and has speakers from seven countries. The day will start with a session devoted to drowning. After hearing about an amazing resuscitation story of multiple drowned teenagers we will hear about the physiology and management of drowning and then the use of ECMO in treatment. Experts will examine the utility of newer interventions including REBOA, ECPR, new technologies and pupillometry. Management dilemmas will be explored and include termination of CPR pre-hospital, post resuscitation care from the perspective of ICU and the cardiologist. Recent research will inform a presentation on airway management in cardiac arrest and a debate on the use of Epinephrine. This years keynote lecture will be delivered by Professor Laurie Morrison from Canada.


09.20 - 09.30 Introduction


09.30 - 09.55 The dragonboat multiple drowning incident - Dr Steen Barnung


09.55 - 10.20 The physiology of drowning - Professor Mike Tipton

  • Q1: What is the mechanism of drowning?
  • Q2: Is there promising research in the subject?
  • Q3: How can we use our knowledge to improve outcomes?


10.20 - 10.45ECMO and drowning- Dr Fridtjof Heyerdahl

  • Q1: What are the indications?
  • Q2: What are the practicalities?
  • Q3: What are the outcomes?


10.45 - 11.00Question panel


11.00 - 11.25 Coffee Break

11.25 - 11.50 Interventional Cardiac arrest treatment - REBOA in non-traumatic cardiac arrest? - Dr Jostein Brede

  • Q1: How might it work?
  • Q2: What are the practicalities?
  • Q3: Is there any evidence?


11.50 - 12.20 ECPR -  the state of the art - Professor Alain Combes

  • Q1: What is ECPR?
  • Q2: What are the indications and exclusions?
  • Q3: What does it cost and what are the outcomes?


12.20 - 13.00 Keynote Address Pre-hospital termination of Resuscitation - Professor Laurie Morrison


13.00 - 14.00Lunch Break

14.00 - 14.30 Using technology to improve outcome in cardiac arrest - Professor Charles Deakin

  • Q1: What is delivering results now
  • Q2: What's new?
  • Q3: What is in the pipeline


14.30 - 15.00 Panel Discussion - How we should manage the airway during cardiac arrest? - Professor Charles Deakin, Professor Jerry Nolan, Professor Markus Skrifvars


15.00 - 15.30 Coffee Break

15.30 - 15.55 Post-resuscitation care -  the role of the cardiologist - Professor Simon Redwood

  • Q1: Indications for urgent coronary angiography after OHCA
  • Q2: Indications for an ICD after cardiac arrest?
  • Q3: Local hospital versus cardiac arrest centre


15.55 - 16.20 Pupillometry - Professor Mauro Oddo

  • Q1: What is pupillometry?
  • Q2: How does help in the management of the cardiac arrest patient?
  • Q3: Should this standard monitor for all comatose patients?

16.20 - 16.45Goal-directed post-resuscitation care- Professor Markus Skrifvars

  • Q1: What is the optimal oxygenation
  • Q2: What is the optimal CO2 targets?
  • Q3: What is the optimal mean arterial pressure?

16.45 - 17.15Pro-Con Debate - Adrenaline should not be used in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Pro - Professor Charles Deakin

Con - Professor Jerry Nolan



Previous  Speakers (2019)

Professor Laurie Morrison, Toronto, Canada

Professor Jerry Nolan, Bath, UK

Dr Steen Barnung, Denmark

Professor Mike Tipton, Plymouth, UK

Dr Fritjof Heyerdahl, Oslo, Norway

Dr Jostein Brede, Trondheim, Norway

Professor Alain Combes, Paris, France

Professor Simon Redwood, London, UK

Professor Charles Deakin, Southampton, UK

Professor Markus Skrifvars, Finland

Professor Mauro Oddo, Lausanne, Switzerland


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