Pre-hospital Critical Care

Friday 14th December, Ondaatje Theatre

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09.00 - 09.10 Introduction


09.10 - 09.35The fire service approach to major incidents - Commissioner Dany Cotton

  • Q1: Scene safety for large numbers of rescuers
  • Q2: The judgement of survivability
  • Q3: Critical decision making: The LFB approach


09.35 - 10.00The media and major incidents - Mr Will Walden

  • Q1: How will the media get information?
  • Q2: What common media errors do the emergency services make?
  • Q3: When does the media turn against the emergency services?


10.00 - 10.25Pandemic: The role of HEMS - Dr Fridtjof Heyerdahl

  • Q1: What is the liklihood of a pandemic?
  • Q2: How can pre-hospital services be best utilised?
  • Q3: Safe inter-hospital transfers of the contagious?

10.25 - 11.00 The response to recent attacks and threats in France - Professor Pierre Carli

  • Q1: What lessons have been learned from the last two years?
  • Q2: What has had to change in the French EMS response?
  • Q3: What do other European cities need to improve to be prepared?

11.00 - 11.25 Coffee Break


11.25 - 11.45 Direct laryngoscopy: only a back up for videolaryngoscopy? - Dr Leif Rognås

  • Q1: What is the evidence?
  • Q2: Also for massive max-facs injuries?
  • Q3: What are the downsides?


11.45 - 12.05Technology Update: ‘Medical UAVs – help or hindrance’ - Dr Malcolm Russell

  • Q1: How could UAVs improve our practice?
  • Q2: Where are the challenges?
  • Q3: What is state of current technology?


12.05 - 12.25 Pre-hospital neurology: Point of care diagnostics and earlier interventions - Dr. Karianne Larsen

  • Q1: What is available roadside?
  • Q2: Can it improve outcome?
  • Q3: What about the pre- to in-hospital interface?


12.25 - 13.00 Dispatch tools and training - Professor Marcus Ong

  • Q1: Why is it important?
  • Q2: How can we improve?
  • Q3: What does the future hold?


13.00 - 14.00 Lunch Break

14.00 - 14.30Measuring the quality of HEMS - Dr Helge Haugland

  • Q1: What are the quality indicators for pre-hospital critical care?
  • Q2: Will quality indicators capture quality?
  • Q3: Can we quantify the value of our efforts?


14.30 - 14.40 – Intubation during active vomiting - Dr Espen Fevang


14.40 - 15.30 Keynote Address - Burnout: we need to talk turkey - Professor Peter Brindley


15.30 - 16.00 Coffee Break

16.00 - 16.30Pre-hospital trauma transfusion - Mr Ross Davenport

  • Q1: What is currently being done?
  • Q2: Why the variation?
  • Q3: What should we be doing?


16:30 - 17:00Quickfire session

  • The effect of an emergency driving response - Dr Marius Rehn
  • My triage tool is better than yours - Dr Phil Cowburn
  • Pre-hospital ECMO: Why it can work - Dr Ben Singer


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