Tuesday 11th December Cardiac Arrest Symposium

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Wednesday 12th December Cardiac Arrest Masterclass (breakaway session)

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This two-day symposium gathers international experts and provides comprehensive coverage of topical and controversial areas related to cardiac arrest. It will be of interest to a broad range of clinicians who know the basics but want highlevel knowledge and interaction with experts who are at the cutting edge of current practice and research. The first day focuses on approaches to improving outcomes after cardiac arrest. The first session includes initiatives to improve access to CPR by using technology to get defibrillators and rescuers to victims of cardiac arrest more quickly and increasing the number of potential rescuers by teaching CPR to children. Professor Ong from Singapore will then outline the projects being run by the Global Resuscitation Alliance to improve outcomes internationally. The controversial clinical topics of airway management, mechanical CPR and targeted temperature management (TTM) with their topical evidence bases will be presented by Professor Jerry Nolan, Chairman of the European Resuscitation Council and Dr Theresa Olasveengen from one of the most active mechanical CPR research groups in Europe and Dr Matt Wise an expert on TTM research from Cardiff. The keynote on the first day will be delivered by Professor Sanjay Sharma who heads up the unit specialising in sudden cardiac death and elite athletes in London and is senior author of a landmark paper on cardiac screening in football players published recently in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Professor Keith Lurie from the University of Minnesota is an expert in the linking of physiology and practical resuscitation. He will present current thinking on how to optimise the circulation in cardiac arrest. After lunch a pro-con debate delivered by Professor Gavin Perkins and Dr Simon Finney will explore the issues around the practical delivery of extracorporeal cardiac resuscitation. Further potential invasive techniques will then be presented by Professor Jim Manning from the University of North Carolina. Day 1 will conclude with Dr Matt Thomas presenting the pros and cons of cardiac arrest centres in resuscitation practice.

The second day of the symposium will be for a smaller number of delegates who want to explore future resuscitation beyond ALS in detail in a Cardiac Arrest Masterclass format. As on day 1 there will be an exceptional faculty led by Dr Matt Thomas & Professor Jerry Nolan. The day will be case based and cover key topics in an immersive and interactive format.


Professor Jerry Nolan, Bath, UK

Dr Matt Thomas, Bristol, UK

Professor Mark Wilson, Imperial College, London, UK

Dr Andy Lockey, Halifax, UK

Professor Marcus Ong, Singapore

Dr Theresa Olasveengen, Oslo, Norway

Professor Sanjay Sharma, St Georges, London, UK

Professor Keith Lurie, University of Minnesota, USA

Dr Matt Wise, Cardiff, Wales

Dr Simon Finney,  London, UK

Professor Gavin Perkins, University of Warwick, UK

Dr Jim Manning, University of North Carolina, USA

Professor Sam Tischerman, University of Maryland School of Medicine


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